Getnick & Getnick LLP (G&G) is a boutique Manhattan law firm dedicated to fighting fraud and promoting business integrity. G&G counsellors work with whistleblowers, government agencies and companies, guided by the principle that anti-fraud is not anti-business. The practice was founded in 1983 and is national and international. G&G fights for those who share its […]


Economic, environmental, and political circumstance have resulted in historic numbers of refugees, stateless populations, and ambiguous borders. Managing security and humanitarian issues is increasingly complex and urgent. Global Law is necessary to clarify the responsibilities of States and to safeguard the treatment of individuals within their boundaries. Global law is often the last chance for […]


Building an understanding and recognition of international institutions is an important teaching goal for Luis Moreno Ocampo.  He has taught mediation techniques in proximity to conflict zones, emphasizing real world cases, international law, and human rights in this process. He has taught and conducted research at Harvard Law School, Stanford University, and the University of […]


3PI provides protection against liabilities emerging from 3rd parties. 3PI is a complement to existing compliance and internal control systems. By exclusively focusing on third party management, 3PI improves oversight through ongoing, risk-based due diligence and strategies to strengthen third party adherence to the company’s policies. 3PI extends the company’s values to its business partners, […]


i24 Network Luis Moreno Ocampo discusses Israel Palestine conflict and the role of the ICC.