3PI Technology


The Use of software to reduce corruption

I believe that new technologies have to be developed to manage public problems, to reduce corruption and to increase security. I am trying to develop some initiatives.

3pi Technology
We have developed a new concept: to help companies monitor what their third parties and suppliers are doing. Companies are responsible for the activities of their third parties, and the internal compliance system does not fully cover their activities. 3pi software expands the control to the external environment providing protection against liabilities emerging from third parties.

3pi is an efficient integration of internal processes, external information and mitigating measures on a single, highly configurable platform, to provide full protection from liabilities due to third parties.

Developed by “Transparent Market International” (a company owned by Damian Heller, Guillermo Jorge and myself, with expertise on compliance and global regulations) and Symfact (a software Swiss company), 3pi extends a company’s values to its business partners by mitigating any legal and reputational risks arising from third-party relationships.