Our Consultancy

Moreno Ocampo LLC is a niche global consulting firm advising states, armed groups, multinationals and victims to face conflicts with transnational dimensions. We are a specialized team focused on assisting our clients in addressing mass atrocities, biased judiciaries and corruption. We are highly selective in accepting new clients and work only for what we consider good causes.

Conflicts increasingly include a multiplicity of states and authorities with different legal frameworks, and in some cases with operational practices that divert from the legal system. Moreno Ocampo offers his unique experience to address private and public conflicts originating from the deficiencies of national legal systems, due to corruption, political agendas, and inefficiency. Moreno Ocampo Consulting is small by design. We are a strategic unit specialized on managing and integrating different frameworks and we work with the legal and advisory teams of our clients. We help to design and implement solutions taking into consideration the fragmented global legal system. We have an office in New York as well as professionals located in Latin America, the Middle East, and Europe.

We also have a strategic alliance with Getnick & Getnick LLP, a leading US law firm focusing on business integrity and anti-fraud litigation.