African Bias charges advanced by dictators
October 29, 2016

“African Bias” Cover Up

Accusing the International Criminal Court (ICC) of “African Bias” is a handy cover-up for detractors.

Several African countries have accused the ICC of bias. What do these countries have in common? All of them are attempting to cover up human rights abuses and other crimes. Luis Ocampo discusses the peril of this argument and who is behind it.

Article excerpt:

Former ICC chief prosecutor, Luis Moreno Ocampo, highlighted repeated fears from the United Nations and the African Union of “a possible genocide” in Burundi.

“Who will defend the victims?” he asked.

“Escaping the ICC is a way to come (with) free hands to commit genocide,” Moreno-Ocampo told AFP, adding all “dictators are against” the court.

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