Economic, environmental, and political circumstance have resulted in historic numbers of refugees, stateless populations, and ambiguous borders. Managing security and humanitarian issues is increasingly complex and urgent. Global Law is necessary to clarify the responsibilities of States and to safeguard the treatment of individuals within their boundaries. Global law is often the last chance for […]


After co-teaching a course at HLS with Professor Philip Heymann in January 2005, Luis Moreno-Ocampo returned to Harvard Law in 2010 to lead a seminar—developed that year with Martha Minow and Alex Whiting—that reviewed the work of his first seven years as the first Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. The International Criminal Court (ICC) […]


I first met Luis Moreno Ocampo when he was still the first prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, where he investigated and prosecuted some of the world’s worst criminals from June 2003 until June 2012. I then saw the 2010 documentary “Prosecutor,” which depicts a year in the life of Ocampo when he controversially decided […]