For more than 30 years, I have been investigating people with political, military or financial power and I learned that I had to be prepared to be attacked. I received threats to my life, secret services spied on me and in 1997 a lawyer from my private firm was killed. Sometimes my decisions were also […]

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Muchos venezolanos denuncian que su propio Gobierno los ataca. ¿Pueden las instituciones internacionales defenderlos? El dividido Consejo de Seguridad de Naciones Unidas no se ocupa de Venezuela. La OEA no logró los votos requeridos pues Bolivia, Nicaragua y los países caribeños se opusieron. Hasta el momento la Fiscalía de la Corte Penal Internacional (CPI) no […]

La envergadura y el método del ataque sugiere que un Estado es el responsable del robo masivo de documentos y el blanco es un individuo. Por mi tarea privada algún Estado me ataca. Read more.

ICC launches internal investigation. Moreno Ocampo not under investigation. The following statement contains : • Moreno Ocampo response to the ICC launching an internal investigation • Moreno Ocampo not under investigation , and makes himself available to help This statement was first sent to the ICC. ……………………. Dear Madam Chief Prosecutor, I am very grateful […]

Published Oct 1, 2017 I can confirm that I and some colleagues have been the focus of a cyber-attack. An investigation as to the extent of the attack and its perpetrators is underway and a criminal investigation is in process. I find notable that this massive hack occurs at a time when I have begun […]


Luis Moreno Ocampo, the former chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), says that in order to combat jihadi terrorism we must begin by attacking islamic state financing, which is not being done.

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Burundi is now leaving the ICC to have free hands to annihilate the “cockroaches” From Brexit to African ICC Exit: A Dangerous Trend Burundi, South Africa, and the Gambia are not violating international law merely by announcing their withdrawal from the Rome Statute that created the International Criminal Court. In accordance with Article 127 of […]


What should President Donald Trump do if ISIS crashed a plane into the Freedom Tower next September 11, 2017? After 16 years of a so-called “war on terror,” would experts be able to provide the new President with a clear and effective strategy to confront international terrorism?

Several African nations are now Luis Moreno Ocampo discusses African nations leaving the ICC

Luis Moreno Ocampo discusses African nations leaving the International Criminal Court (ICC) I am not worried about the future of the International Criminal Court (ICC) after the Burundi and South Africa withdrawal. What I am worried about is the genocide in Burundi and the imminent risk of a new African war in the Great Lakes […]


Small actions can have highly complex and large impacts, and Catharine MacKinnon uses this concept, the “butterfly effect,” to explain how critical interventions can produce radical transformation in the gender system. Read more in Lawfare.