Dr. Moreno Ocampo says that “this may be the first time in the history of the ICC that one State refers another to the Court, but for that, there must be an expert opinion that advises to do so.” Read more in Diario De Cuyo.

The body will hold four public hearings with representatives of civil society, military, judges, and prosecutors, and with Venezuelan diplomats and political leaders. Read more in El Nacional.


Venezuela’s intelligence agency detained two more judges Tuesday that the government-stacked Supreme Court had threatened with arrest after they were appointed by the opposition-controlled National Assembly. Read more in The Washington Post.

Manifestante lleva un cartel que dice "elecciones ya", durante una protesta en Caracas, Venezuela. 13/04/2017 El secretario general de la OEA, Luis Almagro, condenó el jueves la violencia y las muertes ocurridas durante las protestas de las últimas horas en Venezuela, y pidió elecciones lo antes posible para que la democracia "vuelva al país". REUTERS/Christian Veron

Argentine lawyer Luis Moreno-Ocampo will help the OAS examine whether Venezuelan authorities have committed crimes against humanity that warrant an investigation by the ICC. Read more on VOA News.


“The citizens of Venezuela live in terror. And the terror has its origins in the state from a deliberate, methodical and systematic strategy. If the regime wants to jail someone, it jails them. If it decides to torture, it tortures. If it decides to murder, it murders. If they want to proceed with regular forces, […]


Luis Moreno Ocampo, former chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, has prosecuted some of the world’s most notorious warlords and presidents. Here he reveals how he did it. Watch now on The Economist.


The spread of internet technology contributed to the increase in prosecutions and the rising tide of protest, said Luis Moreno-Ocampo, an Argentina-born New York lawyer who is the former president of Transparency International’s Latin America and Caribbean office. “There’s more demand and there’s more ability to get information,” Moreno-Ocampo said. “South America is showing that […]


Luis Moreno Ocampo, exfiscal en jefe de la Corte Internacional de Justicia de La Haya, dice que para llamarle crimen de lesa humanidad a la represión en Venezuela “no basta que haya muertos sino que haya indicios de que el Estado está en un plan de cometer crímenes masivos contra la población civil”. Watch on […]


The project is a race against time, Elias said, because “the memory fades and they forget the details of what happened exactly.” “In the first year, people were very focused and they could tell us exactly what happened to them,” he said, adding that some victims were able to name their IS perpetrators. “They tend […]

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El ex fiscal adjunto del Juicio a las Juntas Militares opinó acerca del pedido de juicio político contra el presidente de la Corte Suprema Leer más en La Nacion.

U.S. Army 1LT Jared Tomberlin (left) from Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment gets a first hand view of the land with outgoing commander 1LT Larry Baca  from Charlie Co. 1-4, on top of a ridge near Forward Operation Base Lane, Zabul Province, Afghanistan, on February 21, 2009. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sergeant Adam Mancini / Released)

“The outcome of the legal process before the ICC is uncertain, but triggering legal discussion of the SOFA appears to be the only means by which the US could avoid a full ICC investigation of US personnel involved in the Afghanistan intervention. For that the SOFA must be presented to the Office of the Prosecutor so […]


Such a challenge the Polish government has put before the Argentine Luis Moreno Ocampo, the prosecutor with experience in the pursuit of members of the military junta and war criminals. Is he aware of the task he has undertaken? Read more in TVN24.


Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the famous Argentine prosecutor, undertook the mission to bring the wreck Tu-154 M from Smolensk. In the first interview given to the Polish media, he talks about the difficulties in the Smolensk investigation and plans to develop a single version of transcripts from the pilot’s cabin. Read more at Newsroom Salon24.


A year ago, Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown joined former ICC chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo and Kerry Propper, a financial entrepreneur, activist, and producer of the documentary Watchers of the Sky, on a visit to the Yazidis in Iraq, and together they began crowdsourcing evidence and organizing “It’s On U,” a political campaign to get the governments […]

Protests in Venezuela

Luis Moreno Ocampo discusses positive reactions in Latin America to the TSJ ruling that removed powers from the Venezuelan parliament.