Protests in Venezuela

Luis Moreno Ocampo discusses positive reactions in Latin America to the TSJ ruling that removed powers from the Venezuelan parliament.

Celebrating the New FARC Peace Agreement

FARC Peace Agreement is Revamped and Passed by Colombian Congress “The role of the armed forces will be key, because now they will be in charge of protecting their former foes.” – Luis Moreno Ocampo Article excerpt: Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos scored a big victory in getting a revamped peace deal with the communist […]

Ocampo discussed the Colombia peace agreement

“The Colombia peace agreement is a work of art” according to the former Head Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. Luis Moreno Ocampo welcomes the European Union’s suspension of the FARC guerrillas from the list of terrorist organizations for the next six months. Ocampo has been personally involved in negotiations for many years, during and […]

Colombia and FARC Peace Agreement

Colombia and FARC sign historic deal ending decades of war Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and Marxist rebel leader Timochenko signed an agreement ending a half-century war that killed a quarter of a million people and made their nation a byword for violence. Former Head Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) was present at […]

Columbia Peace Accords

An Exceptional Commitment to the Columbia Peace Accords Luis Moreno Ocampo discusses new demands for peace accords in Colombia. Half of the Colombians who voted in the referendum on the previous agreement wanted more to be done to demobilize the FARC. Community work and regional confinement as an alternative to penalties were not enough. The […]

AFA Scandal

The former prosecutor of the International Criminal Court discusses the scandal in the AFA and the reality of corruption in Argentina; also he recalls his role in the peace process in Colombia.

European Union suspends FARC sanctions

Luis Moreno Ocampo welcomes the European Union suspending sanctions for the FARC for being on a list of terrorist organizations over the next six months in support of the recent peace agreement.


South America is a vast continent of light, yet it has a dark soul. Nestled in its political class, like a snake from the rain forest, corruption poisons the core of government. Badly needed resources are siphoned from public purposes to run the machinery of political parties. Pervasive and systemic, corruption is sanctioned by a […]


After languishing in prison for more than a year without facing charges, a private equity executive who once controlled Uruguay’s national airline will be released, the country’s Supreme Court announced on Thursday. The release of Matías Campiani comes a week after The New York Times published an article about his case. Mr. Campiani was chief […]