In September 2012, the World Bank appointed Luis Moreno Ocampo to lead an external panel of experts to review allegations of corruption under the Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project. Thepanel received a mandate to assess the investigation conducted by the Anti-Corruption Commission of Bangladesh (ACC). The panel also helped facilitate collaboration with and among the ACC, other international and national authorities, and the World Bank. In so doing, the panel sought to provide preventative or technical observations to the World Bank and the Government of Bangladesh.

After several visits to Dhaka, Bangladesh, the expert panel concluded that the World Bank could receive real time information about an ongoing conspiracy related to the Padma bridge project. As a result, the World Bank was able to fulfill its fiduciary duties, reduce its exposure to fraud and corruption risks. Additionally, the World Bank referrals triggered a criminal investigation in Bangladesh about the Padma bridge project and a top manager of SNC Lavalin (a multinational Canadian company). It became apparent that the manager was also involved in alleged crimes in Bangladesh, Libya, and Canada. Following the information provided by the World Bank, national authorities indicted the leaders of the project in Bangladesh, the CEO, and senior managers of SNC Lavalin.