Luis Moreno Ocampo provided pro bono legal advice concerning the role of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to different stakeholders of the Colombia peace negotiations, including the President of Colombia and the FARC leaders.

During his tenure as the Chief Prosecutor of the ICC Mr. Moreno Ocampo investigated crimes committed in Colombia by various actors. As part of this process, he reviewed both national investigations and prosecutions. He made frequent trips to meet with President Uribe, President Santos, Supreme Court Judges and the General Prosecutor. He also visited sites mass graves under investigation.

At the end of his tenure, Mr. Moreno Ocampo continued to be in involved in the peace process. His ongoing participation followed invitations from many stakeholders including the private sector
( Colombian Federation of Insurance Companies ), Supreme Court, General Prosecutor and media. He also met with President Santos who publicly and privately reminded Mr. Moreno Ocampo of his comment during their first meeting: “international justice would not be an obstacle to peace negotiations.”

Following an invitation from the “Art of Living,” a civic organization led by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar from India, Mr. Moreno Ocampo met the FARC leadership in Havana on August, 2015. In this meeting he clarified the requirements of the Rome Statute and the public position expressed by Fatou Bensouda, the current Prosecutor of the ICC.

Mr. Moreno Ocampo provided consultation to the President and the Minister of Justice of Colombia on the final text of the peace agreement. He also conducted consultations with the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense. At the end of the process, he was invited again to meet with the FARC leaders in Havana. Finally, he was invited by both parties, the Colombian government and the FARC leadership, to celebrate the signing of the peace agreement on September 26, 2016.