November 27, 2015

Research & Teaching

Building an understanding and recognition of international institutions is an important teaching goal for Luis Moreno Ocampo.  He has taught mediation techniques in proximity to conflict zones, emphasizing real world cases, international law, and human rights in this process. He has taught and conducted research at Harvard Law School, Stanford University, and the University of Bueno Aires Law School. He has also developed curriculums for high school students, developed original educational television programming, and lectured extensively about his work at the International Criminal Court. Recent teaching engagements include:

Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, Yale University Global Affairs graduate seminar on the interaction between the UN Security Council and the ICC with a special focus on the case of Libya.

Harvard Law School Co-teaching with Dean Martha Minow and Alex Whiting on the policies and strategies of the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court.

Harvard Law School Teaching with Prof. Philip Heyman a course on International Criminal Law.

Project on Justice in Times of Transition, Harvard University Advisory Board member of this university-based initiative designed to convene and gather lessons from victims, perpetrators and bystanders who have managed to co-exist in the aftermath of gross violations of human rights.