October 1, 2017

Cyber Attack

Published Oct 1, 2017

I can confirm that I and some colleagues have been the focus of a cyber-attack. An investigation as to the extent of the attack and its perpetrators is underway and a criminal investigation is in process. I find notable that this massive hack occurs at a time when I have begun to investigate governments links to material support for terror and associated financing.

Not for the first time in my 35 years of investigating people in power, selective and out of context information has already been distributed by parties clearly opposed to me and my work, leading to false and misleading reporting in several media outlets. I will not assist in authenticating information associated with the hack nor break attorney-client privilege.

Regarding reporting of my banking arrangement, it should be understood that I am working “offshore” I neither have an office nor clients in my native Argentina. I have offices in Montevideo and New York and my personal banking arrangements reflect this. I used part of my savings contained in standard international accounts to supplement my spending while I was a Prosecutor and there have been no third party payments to those accounts during that time.