Moreno Ocampo LLC provided pro bono advisory services to Yazidi human rights activists and Yazda, an NGO working on behalf of the Yazidi community helping those affected by the ISIS genocide. In August 2014, ISIL brutally attacked the Yazidi community in their homes in the Sinjar mountain. They killed men, abducted women, submitted them to […]


The project is a race against time, Elias said, because “the memory fades and they forget the details of what happened exactly.” “In the first year, people were very focused and they could tell us exactly what happened to them,” he said, adding that some victims were able to name their IS perpetrators. “They tend […]


A year ago, Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown joined former ICC chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo and Kerry Propper, a financial entrepreneur, activist, and producer of the documentary Watchers of the Sky, on a visit to the Yazidis in Iraq, and together they began crowdsourcing evidence and organizing “It’s On U,” a political campaign to get the governments […]


Yazidi women share stories of captivity, torture and daring escape Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown recalls a moving trip to Kurdistan, where she helped record testimony from Yazidi women who had been held captive by the Islamic militants. Article Excerpt After the testimonies, several of the women we had interviewed approached me, put their hands on my […]