Protests in Venezuela

Reactions to Venezuela’s Supreme Court

Luis Moreno Ocampo appeared on CNN and discussed the positive reactions in Latin America to the TSJ ruling that removed powers from the Venezuelan parliament. The vote to strip legislative powers by Venezuela’s top court has been widely criticized by neighboring countries and around the world. The response by the international community and organizations has put pressure on the ruling, demonstrating the important role outside groups can play in promoting and protecting democratic institutions.

Mr. Ocampo has been outspoken regarding the important role of the international community and institutions like the International Criminal Court (ICC) play protecting basic rights. There has been no challenge to the sovereignty to the Venezuelan courts – instead, international criticism has been in the context of the country’s own legal standards and fears about the denigration of basic democratic representation implicit in the ruling.

Due in part to such protests, the TSJ has backed off from its ruling. The entire incident has damaged the credibility of the Venezuelan courts and the current administration.


El analista Luis Moreno Ocampo considera positivas las reacciones de la región de América Latina respecto a las sentencias del TSJ que quitó poderes al parlamento venezolano y que debió devolver ante la condena internacional.

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